The Performance V-Rake 1800

Revolutionary V-Rake System Expected to Transform Hay Industry

Better Hay in Less Time
Drys faster
High RFV
Higher Yield.
Changes hay quality because of better handling.
Hay is more valuable because of gentler handling
More leaf retention
More Tons in the Stack equals more Money in Your Pocket
Shorten the time from Swathing to Baling
Steamed hay doesn’t turn black

3D Hay is excited to present the all new Performance V-Rake 1800 – a revolutionary way to rake hay.  The V-Rake will make all the difference in getting your hay off the ground with less leaf loss and all that quality into the stack more quickly.

Innovations by Palmer Equipment Sales have produced a brand new rake that is expected to reduce the time hay is on the ground by days.    The day s of moisture wicking into the windrow? Yes, you heard right. Watching weather ruin a beautiful crop of hay?  Disappointing blackened, moldy hay?  We are delighted to inform you that you could soon be making the best hay of your life.  Why wouldn’t our farmers be excited about this news?