Revolutionary V-Rake System Expected to Transform Hay Industry

Revolutionary V-Rake System Expected to Transform Hay Industry

PRESS RELEASE –  January 20, 2019 – Filer, Idaho

Doug Buell with 3D Hay and Sales, LLC plans to present Palmer Equipment Sales’ Performance V-Rake 1800 this week at the Eastern Idaho Ag Expo in Pocatello. “The V-Rake is the solution to problems that farmers have been combating for fifty years,” Buell says. “Farmers will be making the best hay of their lives!” 

In product development, Palmer Equipment focused on solutions to a number of problems.

  • Wicking ground moisture up into the hay laying in windrows
  • Weather Exposure
    • 30% leaf loss on dry, top hay
    • Rained-on hay, resulting in moldy and blackened hay
  • 5-7 days drying time
  • Slowing regrowth (due to lack of water while hay is drying on ground)
  • Reduced RVF (Relative Feed Value)
  • Reduced profits due to all of the above

“The difference between the moisture in hay near the ground and the dry hay on top has always been a significant problem in hay production,” says Buell. “University ag professors have been telling us for years that Relative Feed Value is lost when the dry “top” hay gets turned into one big windrow to dry out the wet, “bottom” hay.” “Our rake turns the hay onto dry ground within a day of cutting so the wicking effect of ground moisture is stopped,” says Buell. “Windrow drying time is reduced by 2-4 days. It is an all new way to put up hay.”

“We see much higher leaf retention, attaining better RVF numbers,” says Buell, “A farmer might even get another cutting of hay for the season. It’s exciting that by changing the raking process, we are able to decrease time in the windrow, increase the quality of hay in the stack and put more money in the farmer’s pocket.” 

3D Hay and Sales, LLC is a custom farming operation located in Southern Idaho’s beautiful Magic Valley, proud to have been chosen to display the new Performance V-Rake 1800 at several trade shows around the region.  After the Eastern Idaho Ag Expo in Pocatello this Tuesday through Thursday January 22-24, 2019, they are scheduled for the Western Idaho Ag Show in Caldwell on January 29-30, Agri-Action in Twin Falls on January 31-February 2, the Tulare Ag World Expo in Tulare, California February 12-14 and on February 21-22 at IFHA in Burley, Idaho.   

Thanks to Palmer Equipment Sales’ manufacturing and innovation, the V-Rake may be one of the most important changes to hay production in many years.  3D Hay invites you to come see the Performance V-Rake 1800 for yourself.

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