About Us


We work hard. Stacking, baling, etc.

“I just want a farm. Farms make you happy.” 

We agree, Sam Smith. We agree.







3D Hay and Sales has proudly provided custom hay solutions for clients of all sizes: for our neighbors and friends, and we are planning to find some new ones we haven’t met yet.

We can rake hay, bale hay, move hay, stack hay and sell your hay.  We offer custom hay stacking in small square, 3×3 and 4×4 large hay bales and banded hay bales. We can even turn your bales.

From small acreages to large dairies and business owners, we have put down our roots throughout the region, offering our custom farming services since 2015 – and before that, hope in the future of farming this valley.

We pride ourselves on doing the job the way you would like it done; on getting hay off the field in the shortest possible time so that you can start water again.  Our focus is always on building trusting relationships so you will call us the next time you need your hay raked, baled, stacked, and hauled.

Contact us today to make arrangements for your custom farming needs.  We stack your hay where you want it, and we’ll even deliver it for you! Reach our friendly staff at 208-326-3429 or through our convenient online form below.

Enjoy peace of mind that your hay is in good hands! 3D Hay offers baling, stacking and hauling to our small acreage neighbors and surrounding communities.  We make hay while the sun shines in the Magic Valley and beyond.

Doug Buell, Adventure Guide and Operator of 3d Hay, LLC